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How does our Renovation System Work?

Choosing a renovation expert can be daunting with so much to consider, such as “is the building work guaranteed?”, or “will the trades be managed?” and “Do I have someone to communicate with daily?”

Bathrooms by Design has over 20 years’ experience in bathroom consulting, we have perfected a low risk system that covers all those intimidating questions and simplifies the entire process in simple steps, giving you peace of mind with your next bathroom renovation project.



We conduct an on-site visit with a building professional to visualise your space and bathroom dreams, and to ensure we maximise the use of space to achieve the best possible result.

Complete your selections in our luxury showroom with one of our experienced showroom consultants to handpick the bathroomware and tiles for you to best suit your style, budget and design requirements.

Your renovation quotation is presented and reviewed with you in two simplified components, the labour quote and the bathroomware supply quote. We will finalise any other queries or ideas you might have for your dream bathroom.

Upon acceptance of your quotes we ask for a 20% Deposit on your products only. This will secure you a renovation start date and we will order your items in. Approximately 3 weeks from your acceptance date we will book you in for a contract works agreement to be signed for your peace of mind and to confirm the renovation details including progress payments, contacts and estimated completion date.

The tiles you have selected in our showroom will be delivered directly to site in time for day one of your renovation.



Once your deposit is paid your stunning new bathroomware is ordered and arranged to be delivered to our showroom.

We confirm your start date and you arrange a delivery date of your tiles to ensure you have your desired tiles on site at the required time.

Your new bathroomware arrives at our showroom and balance payment is collected.

Your start date is here and your renovation supervisor introduces themselves on site and explains in detail your renovation overview.



Wall/floor lining

At this stage you can really start to get a feel for the space and area when we enclose and line the walls and/or ceiling.


Our tiler is now ready to start and the floor screeding takes place to create the required fall to your new floor waste

Bath hob

If your new bathroom includes a new inset bath, this is when we build the bath hob from Hebel blocks to provide upmost support for your new bath.

Preparation & Demolition

The renovation begins! A skip bin is delivered to site and all protected surfaces is covered to avoid damage, and the demolition is underway.

Plumbing & Electrical

This is the planning stage of your new bathroom renovation where all the plumbing and electrical provisions are prelaid in the new proposed positions.


The design starts to take shape as any design changes such as news walls or built in niches and recessed mirror cabinets are constructed at this stage.


Waterproofing is integral to the renovation and is extremely important to be done correctly and to standards. Unlike most, Bathrooms by Design waterproof the entire new floor area instead of the minimum requirements to give you maximum waterproof protection for peace of mind.

Tiling preparation

Your tiles are delivered to site and our tiling team member confirms your tiling layout with you including;

the location of each tile

the tile direction you would like them laid (horizontal or vertical)

your desired pattern (stackbond or strecherbond/brickbond)

confirm the matching grout colour/s.


The space really starts to come alive as your new tiles are being laid. We start laying the wall tiles first, followed by the floor tiles and then leave the tiling glue to set. To complete the look, we grout the tiles and silicon the corners to finish it off.

Increased your wall tiles to the ceiling? Now is the time the ceiling is finished with a new cornice.

Shower screen measure

With the final level of the walls and floors complete, our shower screen representative will contact you to conduct a final measure & quote, and your shower screen starts manufacturing to be installed in approximate 10-14 business days.

Plumbing & Electrical Fit off

An exciting delivery takes place and it’s time to start accessorising the room with your stunning new bathroomware and light fittings.


The ceilings and any unfinished walls/doors are painted by your preferred contractor. Your bathroom is nearly complete with only finishing touches defining the new design.

Final Fittings and Clean up

 Showerscreen, mirror, towel rail and all your other accessories are installed, and your bathroom is now ready to be indulged!


We detail the completion of your renovation leaving your home as we found it, with the exception of your beautiful new bathroom! A final inspection is conducted to confirm everything is as you imagined and ready for you and your family to start enjoying.




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